CAT! decides to get a car... but he's not the only one.

A Car of Your Choice
Season 1, Episode 4
Date First Page was shown: TBA
Date Last Page was shown: TBA
Character Debuts: None
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"Fright Night"
"An Unexpected Friend"


The day starts off with CAT! and Crashalot being on a mission. As usual, Crahsalot crashes the plane. The next day the very same mission is failed for the very same reason. Cat is annoyed on how Crashalot can't fly the plane for more than 5 minutes. Cat has an idea to buy a car so the crashes will end. And so they went to the car dealership....

on foot.

At the car dealership, Cat and Crashalot are looking around for the car. Until they find the Diablo 34. Cat really wants the car but it's a bit too expensive. Crashaot says that his chopper was expensive, until they look at Diablo's price tag. $1,000,000.69. The party gets bigger when Lionel busts through the dealership door and gets crazy on the amount on awesome cars he would want. Soon after he is shocked on seeing the Diablo 34 which Cat also wants. As always, we cannot miss out on our beloved character, Playdom enters the dealership and claims the car as his own.

They all fight for the car which forces Crahsalot to throw a mine and explode all of them. It turns out that the Diablo is the only car in stock and so was the contest created. Everyone had to do a test and best results would be put into a draw with only one lucky winner. We all know Lionel is not the one as he doesn't know what to put for address, date of birth or gender on the application for the test.

The car handles like a dream, has warmed seats that will keep your butt warm and a lot of can holders so you can fit 10 cans of cola and drink for unlimited. How do we know? Everyone can get in the car and have a look around for free. The results are announced! Lowest score was made by Xan Adrenalini. Second lowest score was made by Lionel El Lion who even made a mistake in the application as he totally doesn't look like a fish.

Now the grand prize winners! *drum rolls* Playdom and CAT!! Congratulations on your--- oh wait, there's only one car. And so, we decided to pull the straws. Playdom won. Just as a special prize for being first and second, CAT! got a reward of $60,666.00 and any one car for free if it costs less than the sum of money received. Soon, we see Cat and Crashalot drive out of the dealership in a blue Feltzer. The car is way better than DIablo because it is a convertible. And it turns out that "someone" tampered with cooling system in the car, leaving Playdom the one who lost anyway.

Catastrophic Failure!