Petropolis is the main setting of CAT!. It has a prison, water park, amusement park, cinema, monorail, aquarium (which is actually an asylum), Furrywood, etc. Like the rest of the world, in the Comic, it is populated by anthropomorphic animals. Some buildings include Anti-Playdom Group headquarters, Playdom headquarters, etc. Some streets include the Catwalk, etc. The city is shown to be located in the United States; in the state of California and is very crime-infested.

City of Petropolis




United States



Destroyed in

Many, many episodes



Known Residents

Doggie Crashalot
Lola De Cat
Vladimir Petrela
Crazy Freak
EL Tigre
Lionel El Lion
Lord Angrybird
Donald Richman


2017 (Season 1-4)
2018 (Season 5-6)
2019 (Season 7)

Places of Interest

City Hall
Lava Land
Petropolis Prison

The city became a city-state sometime in 2015 and then returned to California in 2021 after half of Downtown was crushed in Episode 100. They still get to keep "Petropolis" plates, though.

The city is home to three major gangs: East Side Hoods, The Furries and The Kings.

First AppearanceEdit


  • Even though, it is in State of California, the city has its own License Plates instead of California one. (They look similar though)
  • The shapes of some buildings resemble common animals.
  • The home hockey team is the Skunks.
  • The home baseball team is the Pumas.
  • Petropolis also has a cheese factory.
  • It has it's own train station and system.
  • Petropolis also has a military base.
  • It still receives snow, even though it is based on Los Angeles.

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