Playdom (Company)
Current Playdom Logo
First Appearance Season 1 Episode 0
Locations Downtown
Leader Playdom (Unknown)
Type Online game developer
Scamming organisation
Enemies Anti-Playdom Group
East Side Hoods
The Furries
The Kings
Affiliations Diamond Kingdom (Season 9)
Vehicles of choice None
Weapons of choice Pistol
Businesses owned Scamming
Drug Smuggling (Temporary)
Gambling (Temporary)
Protection (Temporary)
Auto-theft (Temporary)
Game developing
Members and Associates Playdom
Crazy Freak
Uncle Cat
The Skunk Brothers
Baron Von Skunk
The Bats
Fronts Playdom Headquarters

Playdom is an online game developing company it is also one of a main gangs located in Petropolis. It's leader is Playdom. It is a gang mainly focused on scamming and crime. Despite being criminal gang, the company almost never gets trouble from law. The gang is operating in Downtown (where the HQ is) and has no plans in expanding to different locations.

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