This is the SOPA/PIPA Support Group and we are here to support SOPA so that the weasels Hidden Arsenal porn sexist Internet Piracy would dramatically decrease in the Internet.

Let the Purification begin!

Note: If you support the losers who are against SOPA/PIPA, then I suggest you look at this page.


  • It looks like the SOPA/PIPA has been postponed. YOU WIN ROUND 1 INTERNET FAGGOTS!!!
  • Hahahaha!!! Support he Reproductive Health Bill.

Sign UpEdit

We don't need you to sign up.....becuase we all love SOPA/PIPA! you just don't understand.

What would happen if this law is passed?Edit

  • There would be less divorce!
  • There would be less weasels and more ketchup!
  • Your privacy is safe!
  • I repeat....YOUR PRIVACY IS SAFE!
  • Your Thesis project would be challenging and interesting.
  • Sex videos will not spread easily.
  • No more pirated movies! Support the Original ones!
  • No more reading whine comments in YouTube.
  • There would be no block buttons and Suicidal rate would decrease by 70%!

What would happen if this law failed to pass?Edit

  • Those people that copy/paste will have better grades than you who work hard 4 hours to finish your homework
  • Divorce rate would increase. An average man would have 5 wives.
  • Not-so-handsome men would die as a virgin and would regret how he lived his life, because handsome men would be found in the Internet more often.
  • Criminals and Hackers joining forces!
  • Women unfriending you and not telling you why they unfriend you.
  • Some companies would shut down!
  • Your pirvacy would not be safe! You became a hypocrite and unfriend some innocent people.

Our AllianceEdit

The heroes of tomorrow

  • Many companies that support SOPA/PIPA
  • Sexy womens that can kill a man in seconds.
  • Uncyclopedia
  • Master Hyperion
  • Playdom
  • Girls that you can't be friends with because you are not handsome/rich enough.
  • Marvel Comics
  • Tito Sotto

Our EnemiesEdit

This bastards will never learn

  • Wild Ones Wiki
  • Wikipedia
  • Some fat dude that tries to cyberbully innocent people.
  • Spammers and hackers that does not have a life.
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Chinese Side People

Pro-SOPA/PIPA StuffEdit